Anonymous asked: tbh i forgot that i followed you because i rarely see you on my dash

yeah;; I’m definitely a lot less active than I used to be, and I’ve divided a lot of my stuff into different blogs/accounts (twitter, facebook, ect.) plus it shows statistically too, I’ve lost a lot of followers (by the hundreds) but it totally makes sense since I was best known for my homestuck stuff?? aha but it’s not like I’m bitter;; people move on to different stuff (including myself), but I hope one day I’ll have time/mindset to be more active and stuff? I really like the community (or at least my bubble specifically)


shrugs I think I really like the term queer because as of now, I don’t really care for any specific labels (for myself), gender included?? to be even more honest, I don’t think it would really make a difference right now? so yeah, I guess I don’t feel particularly strongly about any way, except that man, girls are great and sure, I’m totally down with the nonbinary too but didn’t really feel the need to specify. double shrugs// so in conclusion, nothing has really changed. 

antaresia asked: hi danni! i know you mentioned your twitter a while ago but i just wanted to double check and ask if it's all right to follow. if you prefer to keep it between friends/people you talk to more i totally understand!

oh yeah, go for it, man aha; I mean I mostly use it TO talk to friends and it’s a little more personal than my blog but I don’t mind other people following it?? aha plus I wouldn’t have mentioned it if I didn’t mind other people following it. but I appreciate your thoughtfulness and consideration! it’s super sweet that you asked!

princespook asked: Hey there!! I just thought I'd pop in because I ran across a selfie of yours on my dash and... my gosh you are so so so pretty!!! I love your hair and your eyes and fACE god you are gorgeous!! have an awesome day/night(?) !

oh wow thank you!! aha I hope you have a great night as well :**

Anonymous asked: omg how do you get your hair so poofy and wavy its so perfect aaah

aha thank you! genetics wise, my hair is naturally decently thick and wavy, but there’s definitely a lot of it, with a lot of poof to give?? however, I do use a root lifter after every time I wash it, and I’ll put it up a high loose bun before going to bed which tends to almost always add a little oompf when I wake up (for the same effect with shorter hair, just pin up medium sized sections, it’s more tedious and more likely to slip out but just a little tip) . another tip I guess is blasting cold (keyword cold because damaged hair is stiffer and is less likely to hold that kind of “bounce”) air with a blow dryer  upside down (for like thirty seconds) will not only add volume but make your style last longer throughout the day (as someone who constantly has their hands in their hair or other people’s, I can vouch for this). oh and highlights/shininess will make hair appear to be thicker and have more texture, which might be helpful to keep in mind as well?? then again, I’m just speaking from personal experience and amateur research but I appreciate the interest! thank you! aha I love talking about hair

Anonymous asked: hi x) I don't want this to come off as creepy but I've been following you for roughly two years and I don't think I've ever told you how lovely and wonderful I think you are and that your cosplay is fantastic. Now you know!

oh snap two years, aha that’s crazy man, thank you! that’s really sweet and thanks for sticking around too?? I really appreciate it and stuff like this really makes my day :**

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Anonymous asked: I appreciate you

thanks, man, I appreciate you too

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Anonymous asked: no i used to be really obsessed w you and just refound your blog and iM IN LOVE AGAIN SHIT

aha thanks, man, that’s actually kinda sweet! I know I’m definitely not as active as I use to be, so it’s kind of nice to know someone still cares;;; so thank you! I’m very flattered! :*

starladyme asked: hello! i absolutely adore your marceline wig, and i was wondering wear you got it? i checked the faq and it didn't say, and i'm working on a character with similar hair. i think yours is perfect!! thank you so much!

thank you! aha It’s a Luthien from Arda and a long black wig from ebay pinned together. Actually the Luthien used in the pictures was a hand-me-down from a friend and to tell you the truth, it’s a p big hot mess. So I salvaged what I could, combined that with another long black wig and babam Marceline hair. New Luthiens however, are really great.  I’d recommend just that and sewing longer wefts for a probably better result but same effect. good luck!! 

Anonymous asked: can i reblog that last ask?

Sure, I don’t mind!

Anonymous asked: do you speak spanish?

I took spanish in high school but I’m not fluent in any way? I was really good at the reading and listening but awful at the actual speaking and pronunciation 

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Anonymous asked: may I just say that I think you are a beautiful, lovely person and I hope you have a wonderful night/day wherever you are

wow thank you, that’s super sweet!  I hope you have beautiful day/night as well. :*

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whatdoesitevenmean asked: Your eyebrow game is strong

aha thank you! this is a great compliment